ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer

The ABI PRISM® 3100 Genetic Analyzer is a multi-color fluorescence-based DNA analysis system using the proven technology of capillary electrophoresis with 16 capillaries operating in parallel. The 3100 Genetic Analyzer is fully automated from sample loading to data analysis.

Key Features
Sixteen capillaries provides the capability to analyze hundreds of samples per day and increases laboratory productivity. Automated polymer and sample loading and easy data analysis provide an easy to use system with minimal user intervention to reduce labor costs and to increases lab productivity. Application flexibility provides both sequencing and fragment analysis applications quickly, accurately, and reliably. Multiple capillary lengths and polymer choices combined with proven chemistry kits provide a complete system with the highest number of supported applications. The ABI PRISM® 3100 Genetic Analyzer includes patented technology licensed from Hitachi, Ltd. as part of a strategic partnership between Applied Biosystems and Hitachi, Ltd., as well as patented technology of Applied Biosystems. (From the AppliedBiosystems site)