Analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC)


AUC is a fundamental tool for studying the size, shape and interactions of molecules and macromolecules in solution. This tool can be used to perform two types of experiments, referred to as sedimentation velocity (SV) and sedimentation equilibrium (SE). SV is a hydrodynamic technique and is sensitive to the mass and shape of the macromolecular species. In contrast, SE is a thermodynamic technique that is sensitive to the mass, but not the shape of the macromolecular species. These two measurements provide complementary information, and it is often useful to apply both techniques to a given problem.
Beckman-Coulter ProteomeLab™ XL-I  is an ultracentrifuge combined with an optical detection system capable of directly measuring the sample concentration inside the centrifuge cell during sedimentation. This instrument is available in the ZABAM.
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