The scientific editing service provides high-quality editing of manuscripts and grant applications, including:        

·Text proofreading        

·Scientific critique        

·Help in design and conceptualization        


A little about the Faculty scientific editor, Dr. Sigal Lazar:        

·PhD and post-doc graduate of the Faculty of Life Sciences.        

·Served as a lab manager in the Sackler Faculty of Medicine.        

·Experienced in both experimental research and scientific writing.        

·Proficient scientific writer, having taken a major part in the consolidation of several papers and grant applications.        

Faculty members are welcome to contact Dr. Sigal Lazar at: .        

Feedback:  ·         She read through and gave nice comments. She did it in a day    

·         Sigal has provided basic proof reading assistance. I was hoping for more.    

·         She made numerous English corrections and provided helpful suggestions. It was highly professional.    

·         The manuscript got better, but she changed things that I did not asked for.    

·         Made it scientifically sound and organized, as well as nearly-perfectly written. Sigal is also great in brainstorming regarding the content of the grant. Very helpful in analyzing reviewer's critiques.    

·         Sigal's English is better than mine and her corrections are extremely important in my case    

·         She is great. Excellent work and attitude!    

·         Corrected minor mistakes in grammar and syntax.    

·         Sigal did a good job, cleaning and editing the text, some of her suggestions I accepted and some not    

·         I got the editing very fast (1 to 3 days only!) with correction for critical mistakes (and many improvement), which drastically improve my chances to get paper/grant accepted    

·         The estimated time for the work (its price) should be better. The estimate that I got was 5 hours and at the end it took 8 hours.    

·         Sigal is working very rapid and super-efficient. Great cost-benefit ratio. She can handle even remote (biological) discipline successfully. She should be cloned!    

·         Sigal is smart and has an input beyond just proof reading and styling    

·         just keep her    

·         It is very convenient as it is. I have used it several times.