Leica Fluorescence Microscope

Manufacturer: Leica
Location: Britanya 09
Internal User Price: 10.5NIS/hour
External User Price: 20$/hour
Acquisition Date: 1996
Leica manufactured DMRB upright microscope with magnafire 12-bit color CCD camera.
The filters are:
  1. B.G.R filter for uv, blue and green, excitation filter, BP 400/20, Dichromatic mirror rkp 415, Suppression filter BP 465/20.
  2. DAPI excitation filter BP 340-380, Dichromatic mirror rkp 400, Suppression filter LP 425.
  3. M2(Rhodamin) excitation filter BP 546/14, Dichromatic mirror rkp 580, Suppression filter LP 590.
  4. Gfp excitation 470/40x, Dichromatic mirror hq495LP, em hq 525/50m.