Zeiss LSM-510

Manufacturer: Zeiss
Location: Britanya 233
Internal User Price:28NIS/hour
External User Price: 350NIS/hour
Acquisition Date: 2000
LSM 510 system is unmatched. It allows multi fluorescence images to be collected without compromising resolution and efficiency.

Imagine the new system for research:
Unprecedented flexibility for individual applications. Entirely new acquisition and processing functions that guarantee fast and efficient structural and functional analysis of your specimens. A stable and reliable system, allowing you to concentrate on the content of your research.

The ZEISS LSM system is highly integrated scanning module and fully motorized microscope.
Acquired: 2000
Configuration: upright
XYstage: manual, with universal holder
Z-drive: motorized, minimal step 50 nm
Objectives: x10; x20; x40 (water immersion); x63 (water immersion); x40 (oil immersion); x100 (oil immersion) assembled on motorized revolver
Fluorescent source: mercury lamp
Transmitted light condenser: manual with phase contrast and DIC
Lasers: Argon 458, 488 and 514 nm; output 25 mW, tunable;
HeNe1 543 nm; output 1 mW;
HeNe2 633 nm; output 10 mW.
Detectors: 3 PMTs each with adjustable pinhole and changeable filters and one PMT for the transmitted light
Specialized imaging techniques: multiple ROI, bidirectional scanning, z-stack, colocalization, time series, photobleaching (FRAP), energy transfer (FRET)