Jeol SEM JSM 840A

Manufacturer: Jeol
Location: Britanya 236
Internal User Price: 90NIS/hour
External User Price: 320NIS/hour
Acquisition Date: 1987
The scanning electron microscope (SEM) has become an indispensable tool in many fields of research, development, manufacturing and analysis. The SEM has a range so diverse as to include medical research and forensic science, environmental waste management and defense weapons development, semiconductor failure analysis and geological exploration, and many more.
With such a diverse market the scanning electron microscope has been customized into several distinct product lines to meet each particular demand. These product lines often are differentiated by the ultimate performance (resolution) and price.

Some facts about the SEM:


  • Variable accelerating voltage; 200 to 40,000V
  • Variable probe current; 1x10E-8 to 1x10E-12 Amps
  • Maximum sample size of 6" in any one dimension
  • Working distances; 8 to 48mm
  • Sample rotation; 360?
  • Sample tilting 90?
  • Variable magnification; 10x to 30,000x
  • Maximum resolution; 10 nm
  • Secondary and Backscattered Electron detectors