Horiba Jobin Yvon FL3-11 Spectrofluorometer

ManufacturerHoriba Jobin Yvon Inc
LocationBritanya 09
Internal User Price:25 NIS/hour
External User Price: 0$
Acquisition Date: 2007
Modular Spectrofluorometer: single grating excitation and emission Monochromators, Datamax/32 software with GRAMS license.
OPTICS: All reflective for focusing at all wavelengths and precise imaging for micro samples
SOURCE: Ozone-free 45O W xenon lamp eliminates venting
SPECTROMETERS: Plane grating Czerny-Turner design maintains focus at all wavelengths
EXCITATION: Range 200-950 nm, optimized in the UV, blazed angle 330 nm
EMISSION: Range 200-950 nm, optimized in the visible, blazed angle 500nm
BANDPASS: Ex.& Em, 0-30 nm, continuously adjustable 
STEP SIZE: 0.0625 -100 nm 
SCAN SPEED: 150 nm/s
INTEGRATION TIME: From 1 ms to 160s
EMISSION DETECTOR: Photomultiplier range 200-850 nm
REFERENCE DETECTOR: Photodiode selected for stability
SAMPLE MODULE: T-box design to allow second detection emission channel
WATER RAMAN SIGNAL: min. 400.000cps, EX=350nm, EM=397nm, BP=5 nm, integration=1s
S/N RATIO: 4000/1 minimum Thermocouple Drive Single Position-Includes controller, software, stirring mechanism and nitrogen cord for flushing: Range: -10 to Required serial port in the PC. Polarization Accessory L-format, fully automated dual polarizer. Located at both the entrance and exit of the T-box for optimum extinction ratio and Sensitivity. Sample, Compartment, Accessory, Electronics Necessary to control and manipulate automated sample chamber accessories.