Applied Photophysics Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

Manufacturer: Applied Photophysics
Location: Britanya 09
Internal User Price:28NIS/hour
External User Price: 100$/hour
Acquisition Date: 2009

150W Xe arc, air-cooled
150W Hg-Xe arc, air-cooled (optional)

Light source

F/7 double prism, both dispersive, both polarising


±0.2 nm (170nm - 400nm), ±0.5 nm (400nm - 900nm)

Wavelength accuracy

±0.05 nm (170 - 400 nm), ±0.1 nm (400 - 800 nm)

Wavelength precision

0.1nm throughout range.

Wavelength resolution

0 to 2nm at 160nm, 0 to 4nm at 180nm, 0 to >10nm at >250nm


165nm - 1360nm.

Wavelength range

<5ppm at 200nm, <8ppm at 180nm

Stray light

±0.02 m o /hr

Baseline stability

Discrete sampling step-scan, Adaptive sampling step-scan

Scanning modes

Dependent upon step-scan resolution approximately 500nm min-1 at 0.5nm step

Scanning speeds

Linear timebase, Split-linear timebases, Logarithmic timebase

Kinetic modes

Not applicable. Chirascan uses the superior method of digital oversampling which eliminates the risk of damage to data.

Response time

±1500 m

CD full scale

64 bit

CD resolution

0.015m ° at 185nm, 0.012m ° at 200nm, 0.015m ° at 500nm, (1nm bandwidth, 16s oversampling (integration))

0.007m ° at 185nm, 0.007m ° at 200nm, 0.008m ° at 500nm, (2nm bandwidth, 16s oversampling (integration))

RMS noise

Internal: 2 standard; up to 16 optional.

External (standard): 6 inputs for temperature (multiplexed); 3 analogue inputs; plenty of digital I/O

Data channels