Biotek Synergy HT_2011

Manufacturer: Biotek
Location: Britanya 12
Internal User Price:  10.5NIS/hour
External User Price: 10$/plate
Acquisition Date: 2011


When making fluorescence determinations, the Synergy HT uses a tungsten halogen lamp with interference filters:

Default Excitation Filters No.2: POS1=360/40, POS2=485/20, POS3=530/25 and POS4= 590/20
Default Emission Filters No.2: POS1=460/40, POS2=528/20, POS3=590/35 and POS4=645/40


When absorbance measurements are made, the instrument switches to a Xenon Flash Lamp and a monochromator for wavelength selection from 200 to 999 nm.


Features:   Automatic top and bottom epifluorescence read modes optimized for both sensitive homogeneous and cell-based assays Software-controlled automatic probe height adjustment with built-in plate sensor to prevent probe crashes Scanning monochromator for wavelength scans to identify peak absorbance and provide full spectral analysis Luminescence measurements with top detection for best sensitivity Reads 6- to 384-well plate formats including PCR trays and Terasaki plates Well area scanning for popular cell-based assays Time Resolved Fluorescence capability.