Wyatt Refractive Index Detector

Manufacturer: Wyatt Technology
Location: Britanya 12
Internal User Price:0 NIS/hour
External User Price: 0 NIS/hour
Acquisition Date: 2009


Optilab® rEX Refractive Index Detector

The Optilab® rEX (refractometer with EXtended range) is an Refractive Index detector with 256 times the detection power and up to 50 times the dynamic range of every RI detector in existence today. Using a combination of cutting-edge semiconductor photodiode technology and proprietary computer algorithms, the rEX presents a host of instrument firsts.
For example, there are no range or gain settings. The full range of instrument detection is always present, and the full sensitivity exists over the entire range.
The rEX also has a flow cell with a total volume of only 7.4 uL -- 25% less than the leading refractometers available today. This translates into minimized band broadening and better temperature stability.
The Optilab® rEX can also do something no other on-line Refractive Index detector can: it can measure the absolute refractive index of a solution. In addition, it can measure the dn/dc of a solvent at the same wavelength of light as the light scattering instrument. And just to make sure it can't be matched, you can replace the light source in the rEX for other wavelengths (e.g. 690, 633, 488, etc.)!
The new Optilab® rEX shares the ability its predecessor (the Optilab® DSP) to go to below ambient temperatures as easily as above ambient. No hassle temperature control can be programmed down to 4°C or as high as 50°C. Compatible with all HPLC systems.