GE Healthcare ImageQuant

Manufacturer: GE Healthcare
Location: Britanya 15
Internal User Price: 3.5NIS/hour
External User Price: 0
Acquisition Date: 2009
ImageQuant 350 allows high-resolution scans of monochromatic fluorescence gels, Coomassie Blue-stained gels, and other colorimetric detection methods.
ImageQuantT 350 is a high-performance 16-bit cooled CCD camera-based system designed for a wide range of monochromatic imaging applications. ImageQuant 350 is well-suited for quantitative analysis of Western blots. The system is also fully capable of imaging monochromatic fluorescent gels and membranes, CoomassieT Blue-stained gels, and other colorimetric detection methods. Cultures and microplate-based assays can also be imaged. Whereas film is valuable and convenient for certain applications, ImageQuant 350 supports a more quantitative approach for a broader range of applications without compromising sensitivity, resolution, or simplicity of operation. Most commands are performed by pushing a single button, thereby supporting many different applications in a day.
The ImageQuant 350 is a compact, easily installed system, designed for easy exchange of cameras, lenses, and filters. The standard system includes one manual fixed lens and one manual zoom lens, and the motorized system includes one motorized fixed lens and one manual zoom lens.
The standard UV transilluminator and the white light source (a fold-down table), as well as any optional light sources, are housed dust-free inside the cabinet. The UV transilluminator can be operated at either 302 nm or 365 nm at low or high intensity. For cutting sample bands from the gel, the transilluminator slides out of the cabinet.
Using ImageQuant TL analysis software with ImageQuant 350 provides high levels of automation, accuracy and reduces analysis time to a minimum.