Scientific editing

I want to remind you again that since May, the Faculty is offering in house scientific editing services through the ZABAM, by Dr. Sigal Lazar.  Over the past 6 months she has worked on multiple projects (manuscripts and grant proposals) from numerous labs, both established and young.The service is offered at a basic cost of 150 NIS / hour.  For those of you who think this expensive, you are of course welcome to compare prices from commercial companies, which charge on a per word or page basis.  Our fee is to cover salary only.  Presently, at the current rate of usage, I do not think we will be able to maintain this service in the long run, but we are committed to maintaining it for another 6 months. So I am turning to you once again to further publicize the service.

 I wish to remind nontenured faculty, that you are eligible for the first 5 hours for free to help push your grants and publications forward. Yours, Danny