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To all Sequencer users:

We resume normal operation, after receiving the needed supplies from the supplier this morning .

We apologies for halting our work during last week.
Thank you for...
The Zabam offers to research groups that will use the confocal (meta) 30 hours or more per month, a reduction of 20% in fees (will be charged at $8/hour) for all confocal use.
The Zabam has installed new software for Densitometry.
The instrument FL-3-11 has been repaired and is now back to full operation
DNA sequencing order is now available via the internet using the ZABAM new web site
Pesach Vacation
From next Sun. 17.04.11 to Mon. 25.04.11 the Unit will be closed for the Pesach holiday.
We will be back to normal operation on Tue. 26.04.11.
Introductory lectures:

11/4/2011 09:00-10:30 Britannia Bldg. room no. 222.
13/4/2011 09:00-10:30 Green Bldg. seminar room.
Zabam-Life Sciences announces today the kickoff for our new website.
The ZABAM has installed a new Imager ImageQuant 350 located in room 15, Britannia building