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The IDRFU has decided to provide a discount for groups submitting more than 100 sequencing samples per month.
Starting from the 1st of April, when submitting more than 100 samples, the price for...
Sequencing price
We are pleased to announce that our continuing effort to reduce costs in the sequencing unit has succeeded.
As a result, the prices of sequencing and fragment analysis reactions will be reduced to...
The Life Sciences instrumentation and service center (ZABAM), invites you to test the Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner, the LI-COR 3600 C-DiGit™ Blot Scanner.
The C-DiGit Blot Scanner offers...
Biacore T200 usage
Due to improper use of the SPR instrument and in order to maximize its usage pls. pay attention to the new cancelation rule:

Cancelling orders up to 2 days before usage requires sending an email...
Upon request, we've made the changes to enable updating of orders in IE and Chrome.
From now on, it's possible to update orders starting at the current day or later.
Due to popular demand, we've updated the Zabam reservation site to add compatibility with the Chrome browser.
It's now possible to register new users, and order instruments in Chrome as...
A new sequencer
The DNA Sequencing Unit is now operating a new sequencer, the AB 3500xl Genetic Analyzer. For more information, please follow this
link: ...
New plate reader
The zabam has installed a new SynergyHT instrument for fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence measurements.
The instrument is equipped with the following excitation filters: 340/40, 485/20,...
The Zabam offers to research groups that will use the confocal microscope for time lapse microscopy during off hours, a reduction of 40% in fees, the reduced price will appear in the bill and not in...
Beta Counter
We are happy to inform that the HP Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Counter located in room no. 513 is available to all Zabam users.
The instrument can be ordered via the following link:...